There are several ways to ensure the security of your WordPress website:

  1. To guarantee that any known security vulnerabilities are patched, keep your WordPress installation and all plugins and themes up to date.
  2. Use a robust and unique username and password for your admin account, and avoid using “admin” as your username.
  3. To further secure your website, use a security plugin like Wordfence or iThemes Security.
  4. Regularly back up your website to quickly restore it in case of a security breach or other problem.
  5. Limit the number of users who have access to your website, and use the least privileged user roles possible.
  6. To stop harmful traffic from reaching your website, use a web application firewall (WAF).
  7. Keep an eye out for any strange behaviour on your website, such as sudden changes to your files or an increase in 404 errors.
  8. Use an SSL certificate to encrypt the communication between your website and the visitor’s browser.

It’s important to remember that security is a process that never ends, and you should review and update your security measures often.

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