There are many examples of creative website designs; the best ones often depend on the industry and the website’s purpose. Here are a few examples of creative website designs from different industries:

1. Apple – The Apple website is known for its clean, minimalist design, focusing on high-quality product images and videos. The design is easy to use and simple, which reflects the brand’s focus on user experience.
2. Spotify – The Spotify website uses a vibrant colour scheme and bold typography to create a fun and engaging user experience. The design is centred around promoting the brand’s music streaming services and features interactive elements such as personalized playlists.
3. Mailchimp – The Mailchimp website uses a playful and whimsical design with bold illustrations and bright colours to reflect the brand’s fun and creative approach to email marketing.
4. Airbnb – The Airbnb website uses stunning photography and a clean, modern design to showcase their vacation rental properties worldwide. The design is focused on creating a sense of wanderlust and adventure for potential travellers.
5. Squarespace – The Squarespace website is known for its elegant and sophisticated design, featuring high-quality photography and a minimalist layout that reflects the brand’s focus on website building for creative professionals.

These are just a few examples of creative website designs, but there are many more that you can look at to get ideas and learn from.

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