We can build a small, basic website for free. That means there will be limited pages, limited images, and content limits per page. There will be a few feature restrictions as well.

  • Maximum 5 pages: Web pages like Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products / Services, or Photo Gallery. We use a fixed layout structure and different images and color themes to match your brand logo.
  • Maximum 50 Images: Entire website can have a maximum of 50 images. This does not include an image editing service. We will use the photos with the minimum required changes, like image resizing.
  • Maximum 500 Words: On the Free website, we allow a maximum of 500 words per page or an average of 500 words across the website. Long-form content with too many words is not permitted.
  • Single Contact Form: There will be only one basic contact form on the contact us page. The contact form will only be used to send emails to specified addresses. Form fields are fixed – Full Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Message Subject, and Message Body. These will be sent to the registered email address.
  • Restricted Content: We do not allow any content that is against the law or potentially violates any law of any country. We also have a restriction for using any copyrighted materials on the free website.
  • Fonts and Style: We do not allow using many fancy fonts or styles on free websites. We will use Simple Google Fonts and CSS from Bootstrap Framework.
  • Final Content: The content you send us should be final and not require further editing. We will provide you with access to the website for editing the content on your own after handing over the website. If you need our team to be involved in content planning, editing, and optimizing, in that case, we request that you choose a paid service plan with a content creation service.
  • Themes and Plug-ins: We use a standard set of free Themes and Plug-ins without customizations. These include basic website security, website performance optimization, etc.

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