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For thousands of years, Bharatiya Sugandha (Indian fragrances) have been known to be rich in Pran-Shakti. The Guna (attribute) of the Pruthvi (Earth) Tatva is the Gandha (smell/fragrance). And its Bahyaang (external organ) is the nose, which connects the fragrances to the body, mind, and soul. They incite our senses in the body and bring a blissful experience to our minds. Such bliss of nature – that’s what we bring you!

Aranyam Perfumes is not just a brand but a promise to offer you the purest of natural fragrances using the ancient principles of Indian Vedas & Puranas. Our passion and pursuit led us to the regions of ancient western ghats in India. These are known to have existed even before the Himalayan ranges. In the womb of these regions reside the goodness of mother nature.

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